Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rihanna is too sexy for Nivea and refuses to take eyes off God

Rihanna has really hit the news this week with reports of losing her Nivea job and reports of posting messages about God on Twitter. Wednesday reports reflect that Rihanna is simply too sexy for her job. The reports also outline the new religious tone to Rihanna's social posts and her response to the Nivea news. Never mind that last year that Nivea featured Rihanna for the 100th year celebration, posed topless with only her arms covering her breasts. View slideshow: Rihanna: Nivea photo shoot The yo-you attitude is caused by a CEO change. The new CEO, Stefan Heidenreich. The CEO had this to say, "Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability." Evidently commitments and contracts are not part of trust, family values and reliability in Nivea double-speak. Hope that contract is rock solid or maybe there is a clause for change of heart. Rihanna is reminding fans and herself to keep her eyes on God. After the Nivea firing, Rihanna posted these words on Wednesday, "Father, I am trusting and believing that You have something much greater in store for me. YOU see all, and I refuse to take my eyes off nivea products for women in germany!" That can never be a bad idea, especially when hard times hit. Rihanna stands to lose mega-millions on the Nivea firing. Fans are not sitting down, and have responded to Nivea online. Keep the faith Rihanna, growth always comes from challenges. Rihanna may not act as the most likely voice for God, but all have sinned and all can be forgiven. Rihanna is heading in the right direction.

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