Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rihanna Got Dropped From Nivea & I Don't Give A Phuck

Rihanna got dropped from Nivea, and honestly, I don't give a fuck (cue Tyga's "Faded"). And Rihanna didn't give a fuck the last time I checked, either. At 24 years old (the same age as myself), Rihanna is far from your modern-day feminist. Instead she curses like a sailor, grabs her friends' tits and parties like that shit is going out of style. No, partying will never go out of style, but apparently it's enough to get a girl dropped from her skin care endorsement deal worth $25 million. Whether Nivea is on board or not (which clearly they're not), our girl RiRi still has a lot going on (understatement of the year). With a Vita Coco ad campaign currently plastered all over NYC, her own fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, a reality show gig in the UK, Styled to Rock, plus two limited-edition Armani lines that she designed herself, Rihanna deserves some kind of award or prize, aside from her five Grammys. With a reported net worth of $72 milli in her back pocket, Rihanna is not really hurting right now. The girl just took the longest vacation in vacation history, aboard a luxury yacht, with her besties, with no shortage of Ace of Spade or Coronas. And, after that not-so-mini getaway, she headed back to her hometown in Barbados for an intimate interview with Oprah (suck it, haters!) While aboard her yacht, liking Instagram pictures of herself and probably admiring the fact that she has more Facebook fans than any other celebrity (that's 59.6 million to be exact), Rihanna is living the life and simply doing her, which is exactly what she should be doing. Like Rihanna, I'm far from a feminist (yes, I do have respect for myself as a woman, though) but why so much judgment? When it comes to nivea products for woman, the issues that are scrutinized most have to do with her outlandish behavior and her no-holds-barred view on sexuality. So I'm going to say what you're not supposed to say: GET OVER IT. If I were in her shoes, I'd be doing the exact same thing. If I had the means, and the time to do all she does, why the fuck wouldn't I and who are you to tell me no? If you were her, would you care? If you have a response about her needing to be a good role model, you get an automatic side eye. If you want someone holier than thou, go to church. She's a rock star, a sex symbol and an ever-growing brand. No one is perfect. When all is said and done, Rihanna is still the only girl in the world I would switch teams for. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, I'll forever love her and her outlandish behavior. Isn't that what being a celebrity is all about? If you have two more minutes, check the accompanying gallery for my favorite badass moments from Rihanna.

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