Friday, September 7, 2012

Rihanna Won't Be The Face of Nivea

Rihanna got nixed as the face of Nivea for the product's 100th anniversary. Adding insult to injury, the orders came directly from the top -- Stefan Heidenreich.

It seems the head guy is not too happy with the decision made by his staff to use the singer for that all-important job. In fact, he publicly denounced their choice by saying the sultry star was an absolute "no go".

According to <A HREF="">nivea products for women</A>, Nivea stands for certain things like trust, family and reliability. He doesn't believe those are qualities one would normally attach to Ri Ri. Therefore, he doesn't see how the company can possibly draw a connecting line between itself and the Battleship star.

When it comes to addressing the fact that certain spots have already aired, featuring Rihanna, Heidenreich simply says they shouldn't have been. Still, one has to wonder why he waited until now to voice his displeasure. Wouldn't sooner have proved better than later?

The singer isn't too happy with what's taking place. She posted a picture of Heidenreich on Twitter, adding the words "no caption necessary". It's safe to say she's just a bit angry.

One can see why. Airing spots seemed to show satisfaction with her Nivea participation. To question that choice now shows a lack of respect that doesn't seemed deserved. Therefore, it's doubtful that's the last of the fallout from this disaster.

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