Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nivea dropped Rihanna!

Did you know Rihanna was apparently Nivea’s spokeswoman? Well she was, focus on the past-tense. Reportedly, Rihanna was dropped by them because she was too “raunchy”, which is just a tiny bit confusing. Remember that time she released a single called “S&M?” It was about kink? Yeah, you’d kinda figure that someone who would do that would be just a teensy bit kinky. TMZ reports … According to reports, the makeup company kicked Rihanna to the curb because the new CEO felt she was too raunchy for the company’s family friendly image. Rihanna happened to be out in L.A. this weekend … and when we asked her if she still used Nivea products she shot us a death stare … as if to say, HELL F’ing NO. Our photog continued, “We love you, seriously though” … to which Rihanna replied, “Even without Nivea?” images of nivea products. Look, I really don’t consider RiRi to be a good role model, but it’s not because she happens to like getting naked and singing about BDSM. Actually, at this point, the fact that she’s willing to be open and honest about her sexuality is probably the most likeable part about her. Besides, you’re rubbing this stuff on your skin; you might as well have a spokeswoman who shows off most of it.

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